2024 Grassroots

2024 Kumite Results after Competition 2 - (1st June '24)

You have landed on the page dedicated to the grass roots development for the youth of the club. CEK will be holding 4 kumite (fighting)  and 4 Kata (form) competitions through the course of each calendar year. The idea behind the competitions is to give some of the younger or less confident members of the club a chance to gain some experience of competitive competition without the pressure of competing against people from other clubs that they do not know. The competitions will be officiated by senior members of the club which also gives them experience of this side of the sport.

Each child that enters the Kumite competition will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 fights the first of which will be a practice round that does not count towards the end result however from then onwards this will be on a knock-out elimination basis just like a real competition utilising the rules of the sport in terms of the warning / points scoring & judging system. Every child that enters will receive a participation medal however those that come 1st, 2nd and joint 3rd will receive gold, silver & bronze medals respectively along with points also being awarded on the basis of 10 for gold, 8 for silver and 6 for bronze. At the end of the year whichever child has the most points over the 4 competitions within each group will become the overall year champion and will receive a trophy for them to keep.

Note: Currently we do not run a points table for the kata competitions only the Kumite.