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About Us [top]


Here at Chris Ewing Karate Club (CEK) we train in the style of karate known as Wado-Kai which is a blend of traditional Japanese Karate and Jujitsu.


CEK recently resigned from the Scottish Karate Federation after forming their own independent federation (CEK Association) which is affiliated to the Scottish Karate Governing Body and is regulated by Disclosure Scotland.


Instructor (top)


Chris Ewing started karate in 1986 aged 6 at Meadowbank Karate Group run by Hamish Adam 8th Dan. Chris progressed through the various 'Kyu' grades and received his black belt 1st Dan in 1994, his 2nd Dan followed in 2001, 3rd Dan in 2005 and has recently passed his technical assessment for his current 4th Dan.


During Chris' 25+ years of karate he has won many titles including the Scottish, British, European  and Commonwealth Championships. It was after achieving his Scottish All Styles (heavy weight) and Wado European Champion (heavy weight) titles that Chris decided to retire from the national squad and to take up coaching.


History (top)


2005 saw Chris open his first club in Portobello Community Centre. As the years have passed his reputation has grown and now has clubs in over nine different areas of Edinburgh and the Lothian’s. All Chris's clubs continue to do well and grow.

CEK has various classes ranging from junior kids & advanced kids / adults to dedicated kata & Kumite (fighting) classes.

Children are accepted at the clubs from the age of 4 upwards and parents of the children are always welcome to stay and watch or better still join and learn the art of Karate. For current club locations and class times please refer to the class details page found here.


Grading Structure (top)


The Scottish Karate Federation have set a grading syllabus that all junior members sit to progress through their grades. The first two grades; yellow and orange belts are achieved during normal class time and are classed as encouragement grades which are not to difficult to achieve and do not have a fee set against them. For upper grades of junior green, blue, purple and brown belts a formal grading examination is required along with the member holding a current Scottish Karate Federation issued licence, renewed yearly. These grades are held every three months and a nominal fee is set against this which covers the grading examination along with the awarded belt if achieved. After completion of the the junior grades your child will move to the formal 'Kyu' grade system which is the same level as required by an adult member, these examinations are also held every three months and again has a nominal fee covering the examination and new coloured belt if achieved.


The gradings to be achieved are as follows:




White Belt




Junior Yellow Belt




Junior Orange Belt



Junior Green Belt



Junior Blue Belt



Junior Purple Belt



Junior Brown Belt



8th Kyu -

Brown Belt Yellow Tag


7th Kyu -

Brown Belt Orange Tag


6th Kyu -

Brown Belt Green Tag


5th Kyu -

Brown Belt Blue Tag


4th Kyu -

Brown Belt Purple Tag


3rd Kyu-

Brown Belt 1 Red Tag


2nd Kyu -

Brown Belt 2 Red Tags


1st Kyu-

Brown Belt Black Tag


1st Dan -

Black Belt



9th Kyu -

White Belt


8th Kyu -

Yellow Belt


7th Kyu -

Orange Belt


6th Kyu -

Green Belt


5th Kyu -

Blue Belt


4th Kyu -

Purple Belt


3rd Kyu-

Brown Belt


2nd Kyu -

Brown Belt


1st Kyu-

Brown Belt


1st Dan -

Black Belt

After progressing through junior and Senior Kyu grades your child will be eligible to sit their Dan grade (black belt) examination. However in addition to having held the position of 1st Kyu (Brown belt black tag for a minimum of 6 months all students will also require a minimum of 20 attendance stamps from competitions in their licence books.


Benefits [top]


Karate is a fun and useful sport it can help children who have social or confidence issues and the kids are often required to support each other and build up team and club spirit. They will make new friends and might see a few familiar faces from their school classes as Chris works with all the Active Schools Co-ordinator's in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Often Chris takes part in Lothian Health Weeks by giving taster sessions at many Primary Schools. The training sessions also provide a positive outlet for excess or built up energy. More importantly it is an excellent way for your child to increase their fitness and have fun while doing so. We regularly attend competitions, and this builds up the child's confidence. If a child shows promise and dedication then they will be picked for Chris' "Elite" fighting team. This can take them all over Great Britain and Europe, which is a wonderful opportunity and learning experience. To fund these trips we hold regular fund raising events and we reward the children with "Fun Days" out. Chris Ewing Karate is always keen to hear from any kind of sponsors and this will be recognised on the children's sports kit (joggers, t-shirts and hoodies) at competitions.

  • March 2016

    19th-20th March - Swedish International Open

    Full results from the international open competition held in Malmö, Sweden have now been published to the events page.

    6th March - Gloucester Invitational

    What a long weekend for the guys as following normal training classes on Saturday everyone piled onto 2 coaches for the 7+ hour trip down to Gloucester to compete in the Invitational Championships. This tournament was well attended as there were over 900 entries on the day. So after a long day on the mats and finishing well after 9pm we ended the day as top club taking home 8 gold, 11 silver & 15 bronze medals.

  • February 2016

    28th Feb - 1st Wishaw GP

    Back on the domestic front while most of the elite members were over in Denmark the rest of the squads attended the 1st grand prix meeting of the year. Even though the elite squad weren't in attendance we still managed to return with a big haul of medals. Ensure and check out the full results.

    27-28th Feb - Ishøj Cup, Denmark

    Well done to all members that travelled over to Denmark to compete in the Ishøj cup. This is a high level competition and as usual you didn't disappoint with many competitors beating national squad members from other countries. Full results can be found on the events page. Special mention to April Adamson who was singled out on the Sunday by the tournament organisers as the fighter of the day.

    15-19th Feb - CEK Mid-Term Camp

    Well that's another successful camp over with which we hope everyone had fun but more importantly learned some new skills. Remember and sign up for the Easter camp as spaces are running out fast.

    Medal results from the end of camp mini comps now added to the events page / medal tables

  • January 2016


    Please all take note that the provisional 2016 diary of events have now been published. Ensure and check back regularly as this will be updated further in the coming weeks.

  • December 2015

    13th Dec - CEK Inter Club Championships

    The last competition of the year and arguably one of the most important, the CEK Inter-Club Championships was held at our old training venue of Portobello High School. Turn out was fantastic and we hope you all enjoyed your day especially if this was your first time attending the championships. This year the Portobello club piped Tranent to the title of top club, congratulations to all who medalled from Portobello to help take the title. Also well done to everyone else from the other clubs who also took home medals.


    Many thanks to all the parents for bringing your kids along week after week and to the many that helped run the competition on the day, referees, table officials, medical care, checking in desks etc..

    12th Dec - Grading's

    Congratulations to all those that attended the grading today, there were kids and adults going for belts from everything from first junior graded belts to those going for their last belt, black tag, before the big one.

    5th Dec - CEK Grass Roots 4 Grand Prix

    The final grass roots development Grand Prix kumite competition was held today at Holyrood R.C. High School. It was good to see so many that started the year as not wanting to do any fighting comps getting up on the mats with a lot more confidence and wanting to compete.

    Check out the dedicated grass roots page for a list of all the overall winners in each section.

  • November 2015

    28th Nov - Battle of the Teams

    Last weekend saw the club endure some rough flights over to Rotterdam to compete in the Battle of the Teams. This was an extremely high standard of competition and tested our greatly but this is the level of competition we want to compete in more regularly. Although the competition standard was high we did manage to bring a bit of bling home returning with 1 silver & 1 bronze. Well done all who took part.

    22nd Nov - SKGB National Kumite C'ships

    The Scottish National Kumite Championships at Meadowbank was the first tournament that CEK competed in under the new banner of there own Federation membership. The affiliation made no difference to the way competed or the level of success we achieved. On the day we came home from the championships topping the medal table overall with a final tally of 15 gold, 9 silver & 18 bronze. Great start for our new federation.

    20th Nov - ANNOUNCEMENT


    Dear CEK Parents & Students


    CEK can now officially announce that after a lot deliberation I have decided to set up our own karate association. The official title is CEK Association.

    This was not an easy decision for me and it is not without a little sadness that I have now left the SKF after spending many years as a member, representative and competitor. I wish to thank the SKF for the experience and the memories from over the years I spent with them.

    This feels like it is the right time for me to strike out on my own as I have a vision of where I want CEK and myself to be in the future.

    Thank you all for your ongoing support of me, my family and our club. If anyone from the club has any questions about this then please feel to contact me.


    Chris Ewing


    12-15th Nov - World Jnr, Cadet & U21 C'ships

    CEK took a small squad of 7 over to the Belgium International Open which was a massively attended competition from all over Europe and further a field. Even though it was a small squad the rewards brought home were great - 4 gold, 1 silver & 2 bronze. Well done guys it was well worth travelling all the way to Leuven.

    12-15th Nov - World Jnr, Cadet & U21 C'ships

    CEK had 5 members selected as part of the national squad to travel over to Jakarta, Indonesia. Unfortunately none of the squad returned with any medals however as was expected the level of competition was very high. Lots of experience gained and lots of things brought home to work on.

  • October 2015

    31st Oct - European Wado Championships

    Congratulations to the whole SKF squad on their achievements over in Luxembourg at the 43rd European Wado Kai Championships.  Altogether the squad returned with 3 gold, 10 silver & 8 bronze. Of these our CEK squad members contributed 3 gold, 4 silver & 4 bronze. Fantastic effort from everyone and lots of experience gained.

    Oct - European Wado Championships

    Good luck to the 12 members of CEK that are competing this weekend in Luxembourg at the European Wado Kai Championships as part of the National Squad. Do what you guys having been doing that earned you the selection in the first place and the medals should follow.

    Those selected were:

    Caitlyn Lonie, Rachel Bunce, Claire Logan, Rebecca Craig, Olivia Hand, Kerr Dobson, Struan Ritchie, Brodie Mackay, Kyle Thomson, Aaron Jardine, Greg Anderson & Cameron Duff

    25th Oct - 3rd Wishaw Grand Prix

    The 4th and last GP meeting of the year was held last Sunday at Wishaw Sports Centre. Once again the squad delivered an excellent set of results in winning 10 gold, 9 silver & 14 bronze. Before the days competition started CEK were assured 12 GP yearly champions with a further 3 possible, unfortunately 2 of these were not realised but not for the want of trying.


    The GP winners for the year at CEK were:


    Daniel Lyons, Maia Ewing, Niamh McGregor, Claire Conkey, Niamh Mullen, Neve Ewing, Claire Logan, Benjamin Packwood, Brodie Mackay, Kyle Thomson, Cameron Duff, Pamela Sinclair & Willie Leslie

    24th Oct - DAN Grading

    Congratulations to Courtney Szabo on passing your 2nd DAN grading tonight

    18th Oct - CEWK International Open

    This weekend saw the club endure an 8 hour coach journey down to Worcester to compete in the Central England Wado Karate 3rd International Open Championships. The standard of competition was high and our squad were up to the task of competing at this level by returning home with 14 gold, 12 silver & 15 bronze. This medal tally was enough to propel the club to the top of the club standings at competition thereby earning the club a samurai warrior trophy and a cheque for the club funds to the value of £200. Well done to all the kids for you efforts on the mats and they way you conduct yourselves off the mats and around the venue which was noted with positive feedback to the club.

    12-16th Oct - CEK Autumn Training Camp

    Well another great camp has just completed and everyone trained hard and had lots of fun at the same time. The week culminated in the usual kumite competition and congratulations to all the medal winners. Places for the next camp are filling up fast so get your names down quick.

    11th Oct - Wado Karate Scotland Kata C'ships

    Congratulations to the small squad of 5 that took part in the Wado Karate Scotland Kata Championships held at Weesterhailes Education Centre. Although the squad was small we managed to take 2 silver & 1 bronze medal. Congratulations guys.

  • September 2015

  • August 2015

  • July 2015

  • June 2015


    Now that the summer holidays are upon us we will be reverting to a summer class schedule due to the schools being closed. Below you will find what clubs are open and when they reopen, we hope you will find a class that you can still attend:

    Dunbar - Closed until Thursday 20th August

    Tranent - 1 combined class for all 7.30-8.30pm at Loch Centre, back at Windygoul Primary Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th August

    Gracemount & Longstone - Closed until 19th August

    Prestonpans - Closed until 20th August

    Jack Kane - Normal class schedule

    Portobello - no 9am class come along to the 10am class at Holyrood RC High School (gym block)

    28th June - SKGB Kata Championships

    CEK took along a small squad of 15 competitors along to the All Styles Kata Championships held at Meadowbank. The competition was split into 3 karate styles to determine the champion within each style then all the semi finalists and winners came together to have an All Styles final.

    On the day our small squad done really well bringing home 2 gold, 7 silver & 7 bronze.

    ANNOUNCEMENT - Portobello Class Venue

    As most of you know we are permanently moving venue from this Saturday 27th June to Holyrood High School just up the road. As it's the school holidays from the end of this week there will be no 9am class until the schools go back in August. Until then all members that trained in the 9am class please come along to the 10am class.


    Well done to the 16 members of the CEK Warriors team that completed the Tough Mudder event at Drumlanrig Castle in Thornhill, Dumfries & Galloway in a time of just over 4 hours. Lets make next year an even bigger group of warriors taking on the challenges of fire, mud, electrocution, iced water, tear gas and the small matter of a near half marathon run.


    CEK are please to announce that we are now starting to outgrow our Portobello club venue and are therefore moving venue. Therefore from Saturday 27th June we are moving just up the road to Holyrood High School which has a hall nearly twice the size of our current venue and is bathed in natural daylight plus the ancillary facilities are far supperior to what we have at present. We hope to continue to see you at the new venue as we go from strength to strength.

    15th June - WKF World Championships Selection

    Congratulations to the following members who have been selected for the WKF World Championships in Indonesia in November this year:

    Struan Ritchie, Kyle Thomson, Aaron Jardine, Rebecca Craig & Cameron Duff

    14th June - Cumbrian Open Championships

    CEK took a large squad down to Penrith and our standard of competitiveness on the day was rewarded with a large haul of medals making there way back home to the Lothians. On the day we took home 26 gold, 20 silver & 23 bronze. What was very pleasing to see was the newer members of the club not only taking part but competing well and taking medals home. Keep up the good work guys

    7th June - 2nd Wishaw Grand Prix

    This weekend we were back through to Wishaw for the 2nd grand prix meeting of the year. On the day we returned with 9 gold, 11 silver & 19 bronze.

    6th June - CEK Grass Root Competition 2

    Today saw CEK hold the second of our grass roots competitions for the 7-11 year olds within the clubs. These competitions are design to encourage those that have never experienced or don't want to get involved in regular bigger comps. The afternoon was a great success with many new faces entering and winning places. Full results from the day can be found on our Events page. Ensure and check out your child's position in the medal tables on the dedicated grass roots page on the menu above to see how they are doing for the overall champions titles.

    2nd June - Wado European Championships Selection

    Congratulations to the following members who have been selected for the Wado European Championships to be held in Luxembourg later this year:

    Caitlyn Lonie, Rachel Bunce, Claire Logan, Rebecca Craig, Olivia Hand, Kerr Dobson, Brodie Mackay, Kyle Thomson, Struan Ritchie, Aaron Jardine, Greg Anderson, Cameron Duff

  • May 2015

    31st May - SKF Kata Championships

    Congratulations to the small squad that attended the Scottish federations kata Championships held today at Meadowbank. Even though the Edinburgh marathon tried its best to keep folk away from the venue we still managed to get there and come home with 2 gold, 3 silver & 8 bronze medals.

    30th May - Black Belt Dan Gradings

    Tonight saw 4 of CEK's members going forward for black belt grading's, 2 of which were for their 2nd Dan's. Congratulations to  Lucy Hunter & Alan Rowan the newest black belts at CEK and to CEK's first 2nd Dan Greg Anderson. Unfortunately Courtney Szabo wasn't deemed quite ready for her second stripe but with a bit of hard work that 2nd Dan will be yours in no time.

    23rd May - British 4 Nations Championships

    This past weekend saw CEK join forces with the rest of the Scottish Karate Federation clubs to compete at the British Championships once again held at the impressive Emirates Arena in Glasgow. The SKF ended the day by topping the medal table with 17 gold, 19 silver & 40 bronze. However out of these CEK personally took 12 gold, 14 silver & 25 bronze. Fantastic results from everyone. Lets keep up the good work as only a few competitions left before the summer break so lets make them count.

    17th May - Wado Karate-Scotland Kata Championships

    CEK took a very small squad of 5 along to the Wado -Scotland Kata Championships and managed to return with 3 medals, 1 of each colour. Well done to Luca Pacitti in winning gold in the boys half kata. This was followed up by his mum Lesley taking a silver in the adults 9th-7th kyu kata and finally Lucy Hunter took home a bronze in the kids 3rd -1st kyu. Well done all that took part and many thanks to Greg Anderson for keeping everyone organised on the day.

    10th May - William Thomas Seminar

    Today William Thomas (former European & World Champion) along with his son Jordan (European Champion) were welcomed to CEK to take a couple of seminars for our students. Everyone had such a great day and took plenty out of the seminar and can't wait until the next one. Thanks also goes to Calum Robb for assisting on the day.

  • April 2015

    25th & 26th April - Scottish International Open

    Last weekend saw the International Open Championships held over 2 days of competition at Meadowbank in Edinburgh. CEK came together with the other SKF clubs to compete as the federation not for our clubs. The standard in some of the groups this year was certainly higher than in some recent years which only goes to prove we need to keep on top of our game and keep improving to continue the success we enjoy. Nevertheless CEK personally came home with 17 Gold, 14 silver & 22 bronze.


    13-17th April - CEK Easter Camp

    Following the Easter weekend CEK held their week long camp and as is now traditional there was a Kumite competition held for various age groups to put into practice what the students have been learning that week. Check out the full results by clicking here.

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